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Shuffle the lines...

Shuffle The Lines
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Hockey Fan-Fiction Community
Welcome to Shuffling The Lines! A hockey fan-fiction community based on fresh prompts and pairings every couple weeks. Join our comm. and let the creativity flow! ^.^

1) Don't disrespect the mods or other members please. That goes for disrespecting other teams or players too :)

2) Please proof read your posts. Just run it through a spell check or read it through once. You'll catch a lot of spelling mistakes and it makes it all neater.

3) About once every two weeks we will post three pairings and three prompts. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to write a story using one of the pairings OR one of the prompts...or if you're really ambitious, a pairing and a prompt. However you want to do it is fine - we're here to promote creativity, so go nuts! Pairings will range anywhere from the usual suspects to lesser known playes, so expect the unexpected.

4) Please post an introduction to your posts so that people know what's in it and what they're reading. A sample:

Rating: G, PG-13, R, NC-17 (for the smutty stuff XD)

5) Post whenever you want, for whatever prompt/pairing you want - just make sure you tag things correctly so people can go back and read all the lovely things you've written with ease. Tags should include your username, the players, the prompt (if applicable), team(s) and rating.

6) Make sure to put your posts behind an lj cut! Otherwise there are insanely long posts on everyone's friends pages and it's just annoying, so please cut it. :D No idea how to do this? Go here!

7) Please f-lock your posts, LJ's been cracking down lately so let's keep this a members only comm.

*On a side note - the layout for this comm. seems to work best when viewed with mozilla firefox, it goes a little wonky in internet explorer...just be forewarned.

***Still have no idea what's going on? Ask your questions here.

***You can find a list of our past pairings and prompts here.

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